Interested project stakeholders were invited to Nuthatch Hollow on October 15th 2016 to participate in an exciting event called “Biophilic Exploration Day”. The day included student led walking tours of Nuthatch Hollow, educational exhibits from the Environmental Studies Department, listening posts to solicit stories, run by the Sustainable Communities Graduate Program, and a day long Regenerative Development Workshop facilitated by members of the design team.

The Regenerative Development Workshop provided the 30+ participants an opportunity to explore and experience Nuthatch Hollow in a deeper way. Individual and group activities explored the meaning of biophilia and a history of Nuthatch Hollow. People were sent out to explore the grounds and recognize patterns they saw and felt, thinking about important flow relationships and ultimately identifying the essence of Nuthatch Hollow. Small groups looked at guiding principles of sustainability and how they could impact the project. Those same groups crafted their long term vision of Nuthatch Hollow. The day concluded with each workshop participant giving their impressions of the day and their “aha moments.”

The day produced three key initiatives, a purpose statement and a description of the essence of Nuthatch Hollow that the design team will use as they begin their work.

Purpose Statement:

To…design and build a living building

In a way…that embodies, emulates and enhances the essence of the place

So that…through experimentation and hands on research, education is transformed, a bridge is built between the University and the community, and we demonstrate how humans can be positive contributors to natural systems.