The design team presented three conceptual design ideas to the Binghamton University community on January 24, 2017. A diverse group of students, faculty, administrators and community members were in attendance. Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger began the presentation with an overview of the project’s history and aspirations. The design team then brought everyone up to date with the process so far, including an introduction to the project, overview of the Living Building Challenge, a summary of Biophilia Day, and an analysis of the site and the building program.

The team then presented three schemes, named Connection, Lens, and Reveal. The purpose of the designs was to explore a range of narratives and approaches in order to solicit feedback from the community. Attendees were provided comment cards and through those and the Q&A after the presentation, the design team received extensive feedback. The feedback was generally very positive, and also very specific. The following are a sample of some common themes:

  • Keep most parking closer to the road to allow people to experience the site while walking to the building, as long as accessibility is properly addressed.
  • Explore a more “organic” architecture.
  • A large porch is a great asset to the building.
  • The ‘skin’ of the Lens scheme that mimicks the light filtering through trees could be explored further.
  • Use the building to enhance and maximize views to the site.
  • The incorporation of outdoor research and teaching space adjacent to the building enhances the program.
  • Continue exploring the possibility of building off the existing building foundations.
  • There were concerns about long term maintenance of building and site.
  • Show off the mechanical room in the building
  • A green roof that doubles as a viewing platform is intriguing.

The team will be considering all the comments received as they move into Schematic Design.