Living Building Certification requires that at least one of the project team members have a JUST Label for their organization. The goals of the JUST program are:

  1. to elevate the discussion around social justice in all organizations
  2. to create a common language for social justice issues
  3. to elevate the causes of those individuals who lead these issues
  4. to change the policies and practices of thousands of organizations worldwide
  5. to make life better for people from all walks of life

The JUST program serves as a way to identify socially just and equitable organizations. In February, 2016, Ashley McGraw Architects applied for and received the Living Building Challenge’s JUST Label. To achieve its JUST label, Ashley McGraw had to report on the following indicators: gender and ethnic diversity; gender pay and pay-scale equity; living wage and full-time employment; occupational safety; employee benefits and worker happiness; local control and sourcing; responsible investing; charitable giving; community volunteering; and transparency. Each indicator metric outlines measurable accountabilities in order for the organization to be recognized at a one-, two-, or three-star level.

As the Architect of Record on the Nuthatch Hollow Living Building project, Ashley McGraw’s JUST Label satisfies the requirements of Imperative 18 for the project, while also serving as a barometer against which Ashley McGraw continues to measure its progress in becoming an increasingly socially just and equitable organization.